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Policies and Guidelines

Amended (August 2015)


Privacy Policy

The League of Agricultural and Equine Centers is committed to protecting the privacy of its members. This policy outlines how we handle information provided to us by our members. When a member provides information to us, we will treat it according to this policy. We encourage all members to read this privacy policy.

We protect the information our members share with us when they submit a membership application, membership renewal, or any other application or registration for League programs and services. Access to this information is limited to other League members and League staff who need access to do their job. On occasion, authorized third-party agents may also need access to some of this information. For example, if we need to ship something to a member, we must share the member’s name and address with a shipping company. We only provide third-party agents with the minimum amount of information needed to complete the requested service or transaction. We do not otherwise share this type of information with third parties.

Periodically, we send information to our members via email and mail. These mailings will be limited to information about League business, programs and services and may include information about League sponsors. We do not share, sell or rent our mailing list or membership list, except as may be required to facilitate League mailings, such as using an authorized email provider to send out a League e-newsletter. Our members will have access to our membership list, including contact information, and we ask our members to treat this information as confidential and use it only for League business purposes. Any member who abuses the privilege of access to League information may have their membership revoked.

From time to time, we may gather information from our members for the purpose of providing them with useful data for their businesses. This data may include sensitive business information, such as salary ranges for employees. When we gather such information, we will keep individual responses confidential. Access to individual responses will be limited to those staff members whose job it is to collect and aggregate the data. We may aggregate all members’ responses into a single data set, remove all potentially identifying details, and then make the aggregated data available to our members for use in their businesses. We may also share this aggregated data with third parties for business purposes, such as soliciting new League members or working with other organizations to achieve common business goals.

From time to time, we may gather credit card information from our members for the purpose of payment for League membership or services. We will maintain this information in hard copy form in League offices, and access to such information will be limited to League staff who need access to do their job.

We may respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process. We also may choose to establish or exercise our legal rights or defend against legal claims. We may collect and possibly share information in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person, violations of the terms and conditions of our website, or as otherwise required by law.

We may process or store members’ information in U.S. databases. However, we will not retain members’ information longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected.

If you have any additional privacy questions or comments related to this privacy policy, please contact us.

All updates to this policy will be posted here. Last update: August, 2015.

Publication Policy

This policy governs non-commercial publication of events, career opportunities, facility news and industry news alerts which may be published in League newsletters, on the League’s website, included in special mailings and/or registration package inserts for League sponsored programs.

Listing is free to League members in good standing (paid in full on all accounts.) Listing for ALL non-members is $125 per piece. Listing or publication will be for a maximum of 30 days on the website and one issue annually in the newsletter.

The listing or publication shall not exceed 100 words. Executive staff reserves the right to condense/edit submission to conform to space limitations.

Waiver of fees and/or size of member/non-member publications may be approved by a majority vote of the League Board of Directors.

Annual Conference Symposium Host Site Recommended Guidelines

1. The Executive Staff shall have a host facility in place at the time the request is submitted to the League Board of Directors for consideration.

2. The Executive Staff will handle the following arrangements for the Symposium:

a. Selection of the host hotel. The host hotel must be a full service hotel property with an in-house restaurant, catering services, fitness facility, business center, internet capacity, AV services, onsite parking, on-line room reservation capabilities, concierge services and laundry services.

Hotel property must have a minimum of two (2) meeting rooms, each with a capacity of 150 seated theatre style or classroom style, open area for cocktail reception, and seated meal function. There must also be a separate board room set for up to twelve (12) people available all Symposium days.

Hotel must have a separate room or foyer adjoining the meeting space to accommodate 8’ x 10’ trade show booths or 6’ display table spaces up to twenty (20) in total.

Hotel must be located within sixty (60) minutes of a regional or international airport and must have shuttle service available. Hotel must further provide a hospitality suite for a minimum of four (4) days.

b. The Executive Staff will present a recommended Symposium agenda to the League Board of Directors at the six (6) month window prior to the conference. That agenda shall include: detail on meeting requirements, meal requirements, suggested speakers, social/hospitality functions, and sponsors exclusive to the Annual Symposium.

c. The Executive Staff will submit to the League Board of Directors a Symposium Budget at three (3) month intervals leading up to the Symposium dates.

d. The Host Facility and/or Executive Staff suggested options:

i. Secure sponsors for meals/hospitality functions, meeting room charges, facility tour fees, attendee gifts and transportation.

ii. Provide welcome gift for attendees.

iii. Secure the hotel Symposium room rate guarantee three (3) days on both sides of the Symposium dates.

iv. Secure at least two (2) equine facility tours during the dates of the Symposium.

v. Secure a facility to host League equipment sponsor demos to take place during the Symposium dates. Facility should have a competition quality equestrian dirt show arena.

e. It is recommended the Host Facility sponsor a reception or evening dinner and provide staff to assist Executive Staff with all aspects of the Annual Symposium from advance publicity through the conclusion of the event.

The League Footing Academy Site Recommended Guidelines

1. The Executive Staff will present to the League Board of Directors a facility’s request to host the Academy.

2. The Host Facility is responsible for the following arrangements:

a. Secure, at no fee, a minimum of one indoor or covered all-weather facility for up to three consecutive days. Facility must be within sixty minutes of an airport (regional or international).

b. Facility to provide support equipment for The League Footing Academy: water truck for competition ring, adequate lighting, restrooms and one meeting room with a capacity of fifty guests and basic AV services.

c. Secure a host hotel. Hotel should be a full service property with in-house restaurant, catering capability, fitness facility, a business center, meeting space, on-site parking and complimentary airport shuttle service.

d. Hotel should be within thirty minutes of host facility.

e. Host Facility shall greet Academy attendees and assist with on-site registration.

f. Host Facility shall be responsible for any and all additional expenses incurred such as marketing, advertising, evening meals.

3. Host Facility added options:

a. Provide or arrange with the host hotel shuttle service each Academy day to and from the host facility.

b. Provide attendee lunches each Academy class day.

c. Provide a welcome reception for Academy attendees.

d. Welcome gift for all attendees.

Annual Conference Symposium and The League Footing Academy- Host Site Employee Regulations

The Host Facility for the League Annual Symposium and The League Footing Academy may allocate up to three (3) employees with a “waived” registration fee. These registrations will not include additional costs (CEU credits, travel, meals outside of Symposium or Academy, or activities scheduled prior to or post conference/academy). Any additional costs for facility employees will be assumed by the individual or facility of employment.

Eligibility Requirements for Nomination and Service on the League Board of Directors for Center Members

Candidate for Board consideration must be the voting designee for a Center member in good standing. Good standing members shall be current League members and possess no outstanding financial debts to the League.

The League Center member must have been a League member in good standing for a minimum of two (2) consecutive years.

An individual with any financial interest or doing business with the League is not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

Eligibility Requirements for Nomination and Service on the League Board of Directors for Allied Members

Candidate for Board consideration must be an Allied member in good standing. Good standing members shall be current League members and possess no outstanding financial debts to the League.

The League Allied member must have been a League member in good standing for a minimum of three (3) consecutive years.

An individual with any financial interest or doing business with the League is not eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

The Allied member Director shall be elected by a majority vote of other Allied members.

Board Ex-Officio Members

The immediate past Chairman of the Board shall be an ex-officio member of the Board. In the circumstance that the past Chairman is still serving in the capacity as a fully vested member of the Board, the previous past Chairman shall remain in that position. The ex-officio past Chairman may not vote unless the bylaws allow for that right. He/she will be afforded the same rights as other Board members, including debate and making formal motions. The ex-officio past Chairman must have served a minimum of one (1) full (year) term as Chairman of the Board to then serve in this capacity. The duties of the ex-officio past Chairman shall be determined by the current elected Board Chairman.

The League Board of Directors, by a majority vote, may designate an individual to serve on the League Board as an ex-officio member not to exceed a term of one (1) year. He/she may chair a League standing Committee or a Special Projects Task Force.

    Board of Directors – Commitment to Serve

    Each member of the Board of Directors elected to serve The League of Agricultural and Equine Centers is expected to fulfill the following expectations for the duration of his/her elected term.

    1. Attend via conference call all regularly scheduled and special meetings of the Board of Directors.
    2. Attend the League Symposium.
    3. Attend the annual Board summer planning meetings.
    4. Serve as a League Committee Chair, Vice Chair, Committee Board liaison or other service as directed by the Chairman of the Board.
    5. Support League programs, events and activities utilizing his/her resources, contacts and industry knowledge.
    6. Personally recruit at least two new League members during the term in office.

    Executive Staff

    The League Executive Staff shall consist of a Chief Operating Officer and a Chief Financial Officer.

    Expenditure Limits

    Under the authority from the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Board of Directors of the League, normal expenditures incurred during the day to day management of the League and League offices are hereby authorized for payment in an amount up to $5,000.00. This authorization includes one-time expenditures of up to $5,000.00.

    This authority is granted to the League Chief Operating Officer and the League Chief Financial Officer.

    Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the League Board of Directors by vote.

    Refund of Registration Fees

    This policy governs the refund of registration fees for League sponsored events, including but not limited to: Annual Symposium, The League Footing Academy and other League events.

    All cancellations must be received in writing by the League office in Lexington, KY to be processed. The request may be done via US Postal Service or League office email. The request shall include the attendee’s name, email address, membership status and amount paid. The League is not responsible for delayed mail or incorrectly addressed correspondence. Refunds will be issued within sixty (60) days after the League event.

    Full refunds of League event registration fees paid, less a $75.00 administrative fee, will be granted until twenty (20) days prior to the first day of the League event. Cancellation requests received after that date will be granted at 50%. There will be no refund request honored within 72 hours of the League event start date.

    Social Media

    The League maintains a presence on social media in an effort to enhance communication methods. The goal is to inform those interested in the activities of the League and its members. Members are encouraged to submit facility news, events and activities and industry news alerts to the League’s Executive Staff for posting. The League’s Executive Staff reserves the right to accept, reject or edit any submissions for posting.

    The League welcomes everyone’s comments and opinions. However, comments that are inappropriate, offensive, factually incorrect or violent in nature may be removed from any of the League’s social media sites by site administrators.

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