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CMEC Graduates

Class of 2014
Jennifer Bexley, Georgia International Horse Park
George Chatigny, Los Angeles Equestrian Center
Mark Darsey, The Lone Star Expo Center
Jil Goodson, Georgia International Horse Park
Jamie White, Agricenter Show Place Arena

Class of 2015
Matt Casey, Wills Park Equestrian Center
Roe DeLecce, Horseman's Park
Travis Emore, Tennessee Miller Coliseum

Class of 2016
Cole Alford, Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre
Mary Gipaya, Horseman's Park
Cammie Pearson, Brackenridge Main Event Center
Jeffery Storms, Hardy Murphy Coliseum

Class of 2017
Summer Ivey-Platt, St. Lucie Co. Fairgrounds
Joe Lafollette, Boulder Co. Fairgrounds
Tim Lynch, Horseshoe Park & Equestrian Centre

Class of 2018
Lonnie Abercrombie, Georgia International Horse Park
Rebecca Fyfe, Tunica Arena & Exposition Center
Steve Sosebee, Tunica Arena & Exposition Center
Kelly Wells, Florida Parishes Arena

Class of 2019
Matt Buchanan, WNC Ag Center
Lynne Dickinson, Dripping Springs Ranch Park & Event Center
Chris Pohst, Southwestern Fair Commission
Bert Rodriguez, Southwestern Fair Commission
Class of 2020
Liz Lindner, Iowa Equestrian Center at Kirkwood
Denise Alexander, Southeastern Livestock Pavilion
Jonathan Fisher, Oklahoma State Fair Park
Ray Craig, John L. Kuykendall Event Center & Arena

Class of 2021
Clint Chitsey, Williamson County Expo Center

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