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The League'S Footing AcademY

Why should you attend a Footing Academy?

The Footing Academy provides attendees the opportunity to receive a comprehensive overview of footing. Time is devoted to soil essentials, arena conditions and maintenance, moisture and dust control, indoor and outdoor arenas along with synthetic footing. Facility managers and operators become proficient in all aspects of arena footing.

Testimonials from Footing Academy 101 participants

I enjoyed the League Footing Academy so very much! I cannot believe how much information I gained in just a couple of days about how to help me improve my facility. The instructors were so knowledgeable about all the various aspects of maintaining equine and event facilities and so good at teaching us and answering questions. It was also very helpful to be able to visit with others from all over the country and hear how they deal with the issues at their respective facilities. I would recommend this class to anyone who works with arenas. I can’t wait until I can attend again! Everyone was so helpful and nice. GREAT EXPERIENCE!

Judi Nickell, Teton County Fairgrounds Maintenance Specialist

The footing academy was great this year and, although I went last year, I still learned new things. The interaction with the instructors was extremely helpful. They explained things and answered all our questions in class which made it flow. I also really liked going to the arena and seeing what we were talking about in class. Having the advanced class at the same time was really beneficial for the 101 class. We could go out and see the work from one footing to another and it made things click for me. The round table discussion at the end of the last day was also great. Being able to sit with different people and learn what they do at their facility helps too. Although we do that at the hospitality suite, not everyone shows up. I really appreciate the hospitality suite. It’s a great place to interact.

Ryan Sears, Mesa County Fairgrounds, Crew Manager

The League Footing Academy - Advanced

The League of Agricultural and Equine Centers is proud to offer its members The League Footing Academy - Advanced.  The League Footing Academy - Advanced is a high level, hands on training course with the intent of recognizing those who achieve specific standards in equine facility footing.  To provide superior one-on-one training, each Academy will only accept a limited number of students.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Applicants must be employed by an equine center that is an active member in good standing of The League.
  • Applicants must have attended at least one League Footing Academy within the past five years.

  • Applicants must have three years’ experience with arena maintenance (preferred) or the equivalent.  If less than three years’ experience, the applicant must explain why they are qualified.  
  • Applicants must complete The League Footing Academy – Advance application which shall include a professional reference letter.  The application is due four months prior to the Symposium and Advanced Footing Academy.
  • Applicants may participate in a phone interview conducted by members of The League’s Footing Committee.   
  • Applicants shall contact The League office for the necessary forms and instructions. 
  • Selection of participants for each class will be based upon information provided on the application.  Members of The League’s Footing Committee will make the selection.  If selected, you will be notified.  From the date of notification, each participant will have 30 days to submit the $700 registration fee.  Failure to submit the registration fee on time will result in losing your space in the Academy and the next applicant in line will be selected.  Should you not be selected, your application will remain eligible for consideration for a three year period from the date the application was submitted.  In any given year, should the class not be completely full, The League reserves the right not to hold the Academy.  

The League Footing Academy – Advanced Content:

Each participant will submit dirt samples for analysis.

  • Each student will participate in class time to include introduction, orientation, safety discussion, curriculum review, laser grading and synthetic material overview.
  • Each student will provide a written evaluation of each piece of equipment.
  • Each student will provide a written evaluation of the arena and footing.
  • Working with the instructor, each student will operate the equipment based upon different scenarios and disciplines.
  • Working with the instructor, local dirt samples will be evaluated to create the best footing followed by a discussion of arena amendment materials.
  • A written test will be administered.  Applicants must pass the written test to graduate from the Academy.         Should a student not pass the written test, members of the League’s Footing Committee, will work with any student not passing the written test on their deficiencies.  The student may re-apply for future advanced footing academies. 
  • Graduates will receive a certificate indicating they have successfully completed and passed The League Footing Academy - Advanced.   
  • This certificate is valid as long as the graduate is employed by an equine center that is an active member in good standing of The League. 
  • Graduates may attend The League advanced footing academy as many times as they so choose. 

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